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Come and discover the Court of Italy! It is the Royal Residences of Turin and Piedmont, UNESCO  World Heritage Site: maisons de plaisance and sumptuous gardens, theater of the refined court life and a real proof of the Savoy House hegemony. In this journey through ages you will experience stunning settings and an extraordinary cultural heritage, unforgettable moments to live with your family, in couple or among friends for a day like a King!



On Thursday 10 September 2020, the “Incēnsum” exhibition, dedicated to the Incense Route through artifacts and works related to its use over the centuries, from Mesopotamia to the Far East, opens at the Musei Reali Torino-Museum of Antiquities.
The exhibition illustrates until 10 January 2021 the route of the Incense Paths with works dating back to the third millennium BC. The ancient sources report the route taken by the tears of the desert, the frankincense or oliban produced mainly in Oman and Yemen which, from ancient Arabia Felix, went back to the lands of the Nabataeans, reaching the Mediterranean through Israel or going as far as Alexandria: along the visitable route its precious perfumed essences are recreated.
The exhibition relies on loans from the National Museum of Muscat (Sultanate of Oman), the Museo Egizio and the Oriental Art Museum of Torino, the Castiglioni Ethno-Archaeological Museum of Varese.

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