The Royal Shop of Racconigi Castle

bottega realeImagine going to visit a museum and getting to own everything on display: the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s sunshade; Queen Elizabeth’s garter; the Count of Cavour’s scent; the Tsar of Russia’s chinaware; Napoleon Bonaparte’s cufflinks; or Pope Benedict XVI’s shoes. Not copies, the originals themselves, produced in the very same workshops that used to supply (and still do) history’s biggest names. Then imagine continuing your visit and winding up in a room full to the brim with delicacies. A little taste of heaven, where you can satisfy every whim that the Terre dei Savoia has to offer: excellent wines, biscuits, hand-made pasta, jams, rice, grappa, chocolate, truffles… And imagine, last but not least, meeting the expert artisans of the 20th century and coming away with one of their luxurious handmade articles. Seem too good to be true? Take a trip to the Bottega Reale, an emporium of memories which brings together romantic longings, retro delicacies and some touches of postmodern life.


Free entrance
Piazza Carlo Alberto 6/a - Racconigi (CN)
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Tel. 0172 813798