Castello della Mandria

Castello de La Mandria

Savoy Royal Residences, located in Torino and its surroundings, are a journey along monumental architecture styles between XVII and XVIII century, and an expression of monarchy ideology..
Added to UNESCO world heritage list since 1997

Residence for hunting and love

Built during the creation of the Palace of Venaria for breeding thoroughbred horses, it was subsequently converted by Victor Emmanuel II for habitation, soon becoming his favourite place of residence. Strongly connected to the various hunting activities of the sovereign, this estate was where the king could escape the rigours of court duties and pursue his multiple hobbies and express his great love towards Rosa Vercellana, to whom the castle was destined.

The Royal Apartments, perfectly furnished and preserved, consist of 20 rooms with a cosy and family-like nature, which revealed the choices and tastes of the client. To this historical building is now added the importance and value of the wildlife heritage of the park, with hiking trails among ancient trees and delightful small architectural gems.