Castello di Moncalieri

Castello di Moncalieri

Savoy Royal Residences, located in Torino and its surroundings, are a journey along monumental architecture styles between XVII and XVIII century, and an expression of monarchy ideology..
Added to UNESCO world heritage list since 1997

From fortress to Royal Residence

One of the oldest of the Savoy residences, the Castle of Moncalieri, located just a short way from Torino, rises in all its restrained monumentality to guard the River Po.

Built in the medieval period for defence purposes, it was transformed by the Savoy into a “place of delight” by extensive enlarging and embellishing.

Much loved by the women in the House of Savoy, such as Queen Marie Adelaïde and the princesses Clotilde and Laetitia, the castle was a place for holidays, where the education of the young princes was imparted and also the setting for ludic events: fragments of history and reminders of the family still linger in the royal apartments, connected to the huge park that extends over the hill.