Castello di Racconigi

Castello e Parco di Racconigi

Savoy Royal Residences, located in Torino and its surroundings, are a journey along monumental architecture styles between XVII and XVIII century, and an expression of monarchy ideology..
Added to UNESCO world heritage list since 1997

Royal holidays and wildlife haven

From the times of Charles Albert through to the fall of the monarchy, the Royal family would spend its holidays in this imposing castle built by Guarini for the princes of Carignano. It is surrounded by a majestic park, the work of the garden designer Xavier Kurten and one of the most important examples in Europe of the sensitivity to nature and scenery that prevailed during Romanticism.

Visiting the Castle of Racconigi now means not only re-experiencing the luxuries of the House of Savoy by seeing the original furnishings and the splendid collection of portraits but also provides the opportunity of strolling through glasshouses and farmhouses and sighting the storks that nest in the park, a haven of exceptional natural interest.