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Celebrating the Genius

From 15th April to 17th July, on the occasion of the celebrations marking the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Death, the Royal Library will host the exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci. Disegnare il futuro.
An exhibition with over fifty works, illustrating Leonardo da Vinci’s studies in art and science, in the form of drawings.
The visitor is taken through the collection of autograph works by Leonardo, which includes thirteen drawings purchased by King Charles Albert in 1840 and the famous Codex on the Flight of Birds.
This outstanding set of works, dating from about 1488 to 1515, with a variety of subjects of different inspiration, but one illustrates Leonardo’s activity from his youth to his full maturity. Moreover, the incomparable, universally renowned Portrait of an Old Man, known as the Self Portrait of Leonardo will be displayed during this period.
To convey the significance, origin and particularity of Leonardo’s work, the creation of the Torino drawings is examined in relation to similar works by other artists, with the inclusion in the exhibition of works by other great masters from the Florentines Andrea del Verrocchio and Pollaiuolo, to Bramante and Boltraffio in Lombardy, through to Michelangelo and Raffaello.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of his death, many exhibitions, conferences and activities dedicated to the genius of Leonardo are scheduled all over the Piemonte region.

Discover the rich calendar and touristic offers and experience this anniversary as a true protagonist.



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