Palazzo Carignano - Museo del Risorgimento Italiano

Savoy Royal Residences, located in Torino and its surroundings, are a journey along monumental architecture styles between XVII and XVIII century, and an expression of monarchy ideology.
Added to UNESCO world heritage list since 1997

The entirety of the upper floors of the Carignano Palace building has hosted the National Museum of the Italian ‘Risorgimento’ since 1938.

It is the oldest and best known of the museums, which deal with the history of the nation.

The museum was completely recreated for the Italian Unity celebrations in 2011 and today it is a modern museum, capable of recounting to the public the period of the ‘Risorgimento’ in a European key, through a grand and spectacular itinerary which spans from the great revolutions of the 1700s through to the First World War.

The colours of the 30 rooms, chosen according to a chromatic key, which refers consistently to the relevant themes, the symbols of the halls and the entire system of communication, together with multimedia contributions, ensure the visitor an experience, which is unique in its genre.

The museum itinerary includes the two parliament houses, original and still in existence: the Chamber of Deputies of the Subalpine parliament: the only one in Europe founded under the Constitution of 1848 which has wholly survived and which was nominated National Monument in 1898 and the majestic courtroom destined for the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Kingdom, with vaults painted by Francesco Gonin, built between 1864 and 1871.

The museum also boasts a very highly specialised library known all over the world.