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Crown of Delights

corona di delizie The aim of the Savoy dynasty was to surround itself with a range of royal residences, home to the exquisite court life and an imposing confirmation of the power acquired by this royal family.

To add to their ancient palaces they had magnificent residences (Reggia) built, designed by the top architects of the period; the power centre in Turin was flanked by places of pleasure and entertainment along the rivers, on the hills and in the surrounding countryside.

The developing of the opulent maisons de plaisance, between the 16th and 18th centuries, was the result of a very specific architectural plan: to create a “Corona di Delizie”, a Crown of Delights around the city.

From being a place of leisure reserved strictly to the court, these Residences are now not only open to the public but have been brought back to life by a new cultural vocation, housing historical collections and organising events that rekindle the glamour of the places and their dramatic splendour.

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Highway A6 Torino-Savona exit Ceva and then Garessio
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